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AFT Lone Star heard LSC employees loud and clear! Here's the plan!

The results from the last survey that AFT-Lone Star sent to LSC employees indicated a high level of support for continued Covid safety at LSC. AFT Lone Star heard you loud and clear!After holidays it has been proven that Covid spikes up. Especially with the new variant 'Omicron", now is NOT the time to let our guard down. Our union has been working hard to find solutions to help employees and students feel safer at Lone Star College after the holiday break and today we are officially launching a large and robust campaign called: "Let's Stop Covid"

Click here to take the Covid Safety Pledge!

What YOU as an employee of LSC, need to know: Our goal is to get 15,000 employees and students to sign the Pledge for Covid Safety, thus creating a culture of health safety across LSC. AFT Lone Star Representatives will be vising the campuses to encourage employees and students to take the pledge and will be bringing campaign swag with them. You will be alerted when we plan to be at your campus, so be sure to find our table!

The ASK is simple: Pledge to wash your hands, maintain social distance, wear a mask, stay home if sick, get vaccinated if medically possible, and most importantly, encourage others to take the pledge.We want LSC employees to be the BEST models of these safety behaviors, and to encourage fellow staff AND students to get on board with this campaign!

We have special SWAG and promo items! For this campaign we have assorted-AFT branded masks, posters, buttons, door decals, stickers, bandaid kits, sticky note pads, hand sanitizers, lanyards and polo shirts which will be available from our AFT representatives. Note: Polo shirts and lanyards are reserved only for AFT Members. The other swag items are available first to employees and then students. If you want to help promote this campaign, and reward any of your students or fellow employees who take the pledge, you can request a supply of swag to give out! Just Fill out this form! We will contact you to help determine how many items you will need and then get them to you!

WIN a $200.00 Amazon gift card! Every person who is named as the person who encouraged another to take the pledge gets put into a drawing for one of EIGHT $200.00 Amazon gift cards! So, if 25 people name YOU as the person who encouraged them to take the pledge, your name will go into the drawing pot 25 times! This is open to all employees and students! You can find a downloadable Campaign poster and icon with a QR code on it to share with your fellow employees and students! Be sure they put YOUR full name in as the person who encouraged them to take the Covid Safety Pledge!

We need YOU to help make Covid Safety behaviors the "Cool" thing for everyone to do at LSC!

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